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Las Vegas Music Conference

Las Vegas Music Conference

The US dance industry will be camped out in Las Vegas for the next five days. The city is hosting its first ever electronic music conference.

As if Miami wasn't glam enough, now the US dance industry is heading over to the glitzy world of Las Vegas for the city's first electronic music conference.

The Winter-Music-Conference-inspired event takes place from 20th September at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and for five nights some of the world's biggest DJs, labels and promoters will be in town.

Unlike Miami's WMC however, the Vegas Music Conference organisers are keen to push the networking and educational side of the event and wish to avoid it turning into a week of extortionate parties.

"We don't plan to let that happen here," VMC organiser Gino LoPinto told the Las Vegas Weekly.

Yet, Crobar and Space – two clubs notorious for overcharging clubbers during Miami's WMC – are planning big parties during the Vegas conference, which will no doubt be just as expensive as Miami.

"We're really not competing or comparing ourselves with the Winter Music Conference," said LoPinto.

The Crystal Method, Oscar G, Ivano Bellini, plus a 100 other acts, DJs and VJs will be playing in the city during the five days.

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