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Less Is More

Fashion intelligence, we're out there snooping for you!

EYE MASKS… Looking mighty fine as a necklace, and then if you need to a take a sneaky forty winks Bob's your uncle and Sally's your aunt. Our favourites are most definitely Wesc!

BACK TO BLACK… Tired and exhausted of the bright colours? So are we. Black has never felt so good. We say piffle to neon nightmares and fluro fatigues. Bring on the black… phew, that's better.

BOW TIES… Sorry if we're repeating ourselves, but you really should pay attention the first time. Bow ties are all the rave.

FAG HOLDERS… See! If you can't smoke 'em any more you can at least sport a little fancy cigarette holder, keep it stocked with a sneaky fag and just resist the urge to spark up in a nightclub.

PHONE ENVY… Again?! It happens far too often these days for our liking. The Samsung SGH-F300 has got us in a right 'ole spin. Worse still when they just send one to our David Eserin out of the blue… give it!

LOVE YOU!... Oh my dizzles! If you're going to get pangs of envy, you may as well get them over something so completely out of your reach it hurts a lot! The Love collection from Cartier. Ouch!!!