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Less Is More

Stylish chit chat and random predictions...

COLOUR OF THE MONTH... most definitely black. Making its first of many appearances of the year. Discerning and bold. Simple and chic. You can never go wrong with some black garb in your wardrobe. Fact.

MIGHTY BOOSH... come back you crazy guys, we're missing you. We want crimping, moustaches and general random nonsense with a side order of comedy sparkle, not forgetting the moon.

STUSSY... the favourite label of our Allan McGrath is reason enough to pursue this stalwart brand. Their recent collab with design hero and infamous grat writer Futura has set our credit cards on stun. Check their online store and join up for regular newsletters.

VISVIM… a creative force that fashion heads and style geeks are wetting themselves over, and rightly so. Their shoes are buff and worth saving up for; pricey they may be but that is the price you pay for when it comes to the collectibles.

BLADERUNNER NIKES... OK, so they're the ones what we designed ourselves innit. But who's to say they're not the coolest ones around. Slam dunking.

HEADPORTER... at first glance you might be scared of the Japanese online stores, but patience is definitely a virtue. Check out the Head Porter ranges and let paypal pay the way – take it from us, we tried it already. Head-porter.org

BURTON… if you're thinking about heading to the slopes and you're feeling extra flushed you could do a whole lot worse than treating yourself to some Burton gear. So fine is their attire that an icy tear may trickle down your cheek when you see their range.

TIE ME UP… strangely, the skinny tie is still a good look, whether it be a plain black one, leather, silver or knit. Puma have come up trumphs with their take on the neckwear.