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Less Is More

Less Is More

A bit of this and a bit of that...

COLOUR OF THE MONTH… like it or not, it's plum. Be that dark green, reddy purple or strawberry orange. The various grades of plum are all perfectly suited for the first shades of Spring.

FENCHURCH… coming on in leaps and bounds, Fenchurch for girls is this seasons 'must have', 'can't do without' essential. A pair of high waisted shorts will set you up nicely, but it's the purple 'Pasque' parka that's got us in a spin. £70 from fenchurch.com

MORE DUNKING... one needs a bigger walk-in wardrobe, one thinks. Nike continue to infuriate us with their high tops and colour combo's... quick, get back in the iD studio.

SPOTLIGHT DANCING… as perfected by Poni Hoax in their wonderful 'Antibodie's video, but highlighting exactly that when we go out dancing we want to be the centre of attention.

MIAMI MN2S... joining forces with label Seventyseven, MN2S are crafting a t-shirt especially for the WMC attendees. How very limited edition.

SMIRTING... people that go outside with their mates for a fag and a flirt are also driven to taking up the habit? Whatever next? Shtinking? Forgetting to put on deodorant before you go clubbing?

SEE THRU... mark our words, from now till about next year some time it's all about the sheerness of your attire. Be it a man bag, a shirt or scarf, it's got to be translucent.

KEYRINGS... we simply need more sets of keys to be able to accommodate all the various forms of keyrings that seem to be coming our way. Fobbed off? Oh yes.