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Less Is More

Less Is More

Amusing musings and unpredictable predictions.

COLOUR OF THE MONTH… Red. Red. Red. Especially in shoe-form. Neat ankle boots are the very best, and if the boot fits the look is all yours. We'd also accept pumps, sneakers and killer heels. Now you're seeing red aren't you?

EYE EYE… V:One shades are designed by pilots, worn by pilots and one hundred percent endorsed by pilots. Quality approved. Style box ticked. These are aviators with extra oomph.

G-SHOCK… It's the 25th anniversary of the original flavoured G-Shock timepiece (that's fashion speak for you folks). What a watch! Always looking fine and keeping perfect time.

DUNGEES… There are some items of clothing that you may well regret slinging out the wardrobe. Dungarees could fall into that category. We say they never go out of fashion. 55DSL agree and have come up with a tidy pair that fit our bill.

ART ATTACK… Sneakart.com have come up with a 'fun' way to pimp up your sneakers. It's a do it yourself craft session on the cards for you! Sticker packs and ideas to adapt and modify aplenty.

BURTON… If money is not too tight to mention then Burton is the brand for you. We heart them so much it hurts. Their 'sleeper hoodie' comes with inflatable neckline and inbuilt headphones for you gizmo fiends. Bliss.

AHEAD OF THE GAME… Purchase your wellies way in advance, so that next year, all spanking new, a pair of Lacoste beauties will be yours. Sigh.