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Less Is More

Tasty morsels and juicy nuggets...

COLOUR OF THE MONTH... Black! Black! Black! No last ditched attempts at summer for us, we'll be embracing the autumn in true dark fashion. Black will always be back.

LYLE & SCOTT... The golden eagle comes to land. It's all about the Lyle & Scott folks. Pay that tad extra to get a polo shirt that crosses the divide between high street, back street and dancefloor. Urban Outfitters is a good first stop for all L&S fans.

KANGOL KNITS... Time to stock up on something cosy for your bonce. You can't go wrong with a Kangol knit, now can you? There are plenty of variants to keep you amused. And you just know that they'll last forever.

MODERN AMUSEMENT... I Have Got A Heart On For You. And that is the message for autumn/winter. Always ranking in the top region of our 'best of' brands.

PIGGY BANKS AT THE READY... It's time to start saving for your snowboarding attire. Take a peek at the Burton, DC and Nike ranges and you'll be thinking it's time to rob a bank! There's too much goodness out there.

HOW LONG CAN YOU GO?... Wesc are putting out a super buff, extra long, hooded sweatshirt that zips right on up to your forehead and beyond. It's a classic piece of garment intelligence that will see you through the winter and well into next year.

OUT OF OUR LEAGUE... Just because Louis Vuitton is, like, out our reach and beyond, it doesn't mean we can't fantasize and dream a little. When it comes to luggage, LV have got it sealed.