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Less Is More

More fashion speak, locking you into the style loop!

GLOVES ON STRING… How many pairs have you lost? End of problem folks. You'll notice the return of this genius item that takes us back to our childhood. 55DSL have these fingerless versions that hit the spot.

HOLD ON… Keep the summer vibe going with Espadrilles. They're looking fine anytime of the year. You can't go wrong with this traditional French shoe. Great indoors and nifty to get them for next year. C'est vrai.

TAG TEAM… Yes indeed, carry a permanent marker pen you must. Write on walls say us. Reclaim your ad space. With massive brands doing outrageous in your face campaigns it's time to give back.

BUM BAGS… What a nice set of buns… These City Courier Messenger Bags coming from www.ducti.co.uk are a snip at £29.50 and looking rather bold with their bright, Latin colours and very user friendly with extra wide straps.

HIP FLASK… Oh yes, you need to get one, especially for the coming chilly months. Keep a nifty stash of your favourite tipple and be one step ahead of the game. Find a silver one in a junk shop and polish it up. Old fashioned and rather spiffing.

FEATHERED FRIEND… We say, go wild in the country! And while you're there pick up a feather and pop it in your hat. Love the great outdoors and have a keepsake with you at all times. Ladies grab a feather boa for this season's thing to throw over your shoulders.