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Less Is More

Less Is More

Uber fashion gargon coming at you in various colourways.

You snob!... Sometimes being a little bit posh is essential. Take Louis Vuitton for example. Just one key item can make all the difference to your attire. Say, perhaps the ski hat for instance? What else are you going to spend 185 quid on?

Ladies!... Have you got serious pangs of retail desperation? Do you want a pair of those long Prada socks, or what? Do it yourself! Cut up a pair of tights and job's a good'un!

Office treats… This week we shall be mostly be eating Quality Street chocs from a tin. They're in the stores now, but sod Christmas, have 'em now!

Keep Calm And Carry On!... How very true. This ad campaign circulated in the 1940s and was said to do the trick, or at least attempt to. We say, bring it back. And they have! www.keepcalmandcarryon.com

You Big Knit… We're really feeling the new season giant knitwear. Giles Deacon is the one, though you'll be lucky to find any, let alone afford it. Ask your nan to do a replica!

Ryan Noon… Check out www.shotgun.tv for a tasty range of tees courtesy of Ryan Noon. We're loving the Gronland. And then there's the My Giraf and I'm Humble But I've Got A Big Dick is rather niche too!