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Less Is More

Less Is More

Fashion ramblings, stylish chit chat and uber nonsense.

HATS ON!... Yet another conundrum for you this winter will be in the hat department. Naturally the choice is fierce. We took a peak at the Von Zipper collection and can confirm it's all that.

SAYS WHO?... Yeah! Who says we have to wear dowdy colours and autumn moodiness? Nah, chuff that. Fly 53's acid hoodie is speaking to us loud and clear!

WRAP UP… So, what will be wearing this season? Long, long scarves? Hoodies turned into scarves? Chunky short scarves. A jumper wrapped round your neck? A pair of jeans cut up? Your call… just be creative.

LISTEN UP… Check out this little baby… The Alpinestars iPod case. How very hubba hubba. Rather liking the rock chick / god look. We say yay to studs, in both senses of the word.

URBAN OUTFITTERS… Yup, the lovable streetwear store is launching Urbanamplified this month. An online music service with fresh audio downloads, video action and connected content. Word.

ATTENTION!... Whilst out foraging for fashion truffles we discovered that next year you guys are going to be wearing the beret. Kangol are launching a wondrous military style one that's going to be niche.