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Free track and Drop The Lime chat ahead of London DJ set

To say Luca Venezia has a flavour for the macabre is a little like saying Jonathan Edwards liked to hop occasionally. To say it's an understatement is, well... a massive understatement.

Known to most as Drop The Lime, this sleazy, slick greaser with a rock 'n roll mentality - previously more comfortable behind a pair of decks than a Fender Strat - wore his raw blues soul bare on last LP 'Enter The Night'. Blending 4/4 beats with the jangle of strings, sexy brass sax and the echoed, tin-can vocals of a ragtime jitterbug band, it unleashed an insatiable retro/future rave spirit from deep within. His shit's got real since then. Even more so, that is...

Recently, he's worked with Bloody Beetroots (the results we await with baited breath), DJed at a strip bar, dropped new single 'Darkness' and he's just about to tour his new album across UK, Europe, North America and Asia... all of which we covered in a recent short chat ahead of his 4-hour DJ set at Birthdays in Dalston on Friday (3rd August). Download a free track and skim read the conversation below...


What's up, Luca? Y'all good?

Whats up!? Dangerously fantastic.

Where in the world are you now?

España heading to London!

Where in the world have you been? Where are you going?

Just began the album tour, so early into it... Heading to UK/EU, then N. America, then Asia...

Highlight of 2012 so far?

Highlight would have to be the black magick striptease affair I DJ'd at in Honolulu. Rev up the party engines.

Tell us about new single 'Darkness'.

Darkness is on my side, and if you believe in the magic of the night, it can be on yours as well.

We hear you are working with Bloody Beetroots. Tell us about that.

Can't give away too much, but we did a massive collaboration back in NYC. All I can say is we incorporated both our love for electro and rock & roll.

Last year's LP saw you exploring your love of rockabilly. Is that something you'll continue to do?

Definitely. For the first time in my career, I found my sound. I will continue to pull from different genres as influences, but rockabilly and blues will definitely continue to be a main inspiration in future productions.

Where next can we expect you to go musically?

I want to reach a darkness as strong as NASA Black. The truth of all mysteries can only be found in the shadows of the day. 

What's really getting you excited musically at the minute?

I love that house is coming a strong return. Releases from labels like, L.I.E.S, Lets Play House, 50 Weapons are killer. I also really love what Brooklyn has got going on at the moment. SO many good bands - Jail Bait, Unstoppable Death Machines, CREEP, The Death Set to name a few.

What can we expect from your 4-hour set at Birthdays?

I will be playing everything that has and continues to inspire me musically. From Ennio Morricone, to M83, Elvis to Hasil Adkins, Adonis to Lil Louis, Purity Ring to Benga. Then of course my new album material. Expect a fun dance party.

Top tune tip?

Come on girl, just the tip?