Inferno & Hotbox resident Venice Calypso makes his debut on newly-launched label Four On Four.

Sebastian Bartz is on a mission to change the capital’s nightlife for the better. Early this year, he launched a new night, Inferno, at Dalston Superstore together with performance artist Lewis G. Burton. He’s also been behind the rise of Hotbox, a party that’s been held in a number of disused spots around the East End.

Both events came out of a sense of disillusionment with London's clubbing scene. “I was really disappointed with the London scene and I wanted to create the party to bring the best of underground electronic music and the most outrageous individuals from London club land together,” Bartz told us in an interview.

Bartz’s latest venture sees him not only branching out into production but launching his own label, Four On Four. We’re excited to be able to premiere ‘Malibu’, both Bartz’s and the label’s debut release today. A stripped down techno cut built on little more than a looping bleep and a catchy vocal sample, it’s a confident start to the newly-minted imprint.

We also got the chance to speak to Bartz about his plan’s for the future, thoughts on London’s clubbing scene and the secret behind a perfect malibu cocktail.

DJ MAG: Hi Sebastian. There's been a massive techno and electro resurgence in the last few years, across a spectrum that ranges from Blawan to Gesaffelstein. Can you tell us what originally inspired you? How long have you been DJing and producing?
Sebastian: "I’ve been producing music since 2011. Over the last four years I’ve been increasingly drawn towards more primitive styles of production. I dropped producing broken beats and grime related music and I locked myself in the studio for a year to find my real sound. I was always DJing techno and house and I came to realization that I want to produce tracks that reflect my sets more." 

You're resident at two London parties, Hot Box and Inferno. What's the difference between the vibe at both parties and who've been some of the guests that you've had along to play?
"Inferno is my own night that I started with performer Lewis G. Burton. I was really disappointed with the London scene and I wanted to create the party to bring the best of underground electronic music and the most outrageous individuals from London club land together. Hotbox is the sweaty rave that we usually all end up at after Inferno."

You've also played numerous parties around Europe. Can you tell us about some of the scenes in other cities like Paris? What are the nights that you've most enjoyed and are worth checking out?
"I was in Paris three months ago and I fell in love with it. It seems like the whole scene has had a new revival and it felt really fresh. One of my most influential DJ visits was to Vicious Club in Rome where I saw MAX_M. That totally changed my understanding of techno, I found a deeper spiritual level in the music."

You're launching your new label with your own track, 'Malibu'. Who are some of the other artists that you have coming up on the label? Do you have any further release on the horizon?
"Yes, I’m really excited about my label, Four On Four. We have another six months worth of releases. We are starting with a new up comer from Paris, Rawkorder, and a vinyl release from East London legend Jack France, whose first release will be a bunch of fat techno cuts. We are also planning to do a special release with MR WIZE, who successfully combines influences from techno music with a great vocal talent."

I'm sure some people are wondering where the name Venice Calypso comes from. Is there any special story behind it?
"I’ve always thought that geographical names are the tightest!"

We once drank a cocktail of Malibu and milk, which works surprisingly well. What's the strangest drink you’ve had on your travels?
"An unknown drink in a forest in the middle of Brazil. Afterwards, I woke up next to a waterfall where everyone was naked."

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