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Livio & Roby Interview

Livio & Roby Interview

DJmag snagged the rising techno/underground house stars from Bucharest, Romania, to discuss their win at the <a href=>Heineken Thirst Studio Global Sessions</a> in Las Vegas, influences, and the future.

How did it feel to win both awards at the Heineken Thirst Studio contest?

ROBY: "We feel loved! It was one of the greatest surprises of our careers. Proper good news."

Are you pleased with Gabriel & Dresden's remix of your winning track, 'Pearl'?

R: "Yes off course, those guys know what they're doing, they've hit the nail on the head and the track is sounding much better now. It's definitely going to be a big track for the lovers of that style."

You're having the track released on their label. Do you have some more productions that you're working on?

R: "Yes, we are always doing tracks for our live set, where we can test new sounds for the market, especially sounds for compilations. We've also been working on productions for Steve Lawler's Viva label. He signed our three tracks for 'Lights Out 3' (M.O.S.) last year and we're still supplying tracks and working on remixes for his label."
LIVIO: "Also our label, Solace Digital Trax, is getting very good feedback from some big DJs and 'Hark' by George G (exclusive on is on general release now and is being widely supported."

Tell me about La Mania (one of Romania's coolest clubs). Are you playing there soon, and what other clubs should we know about in Romania?

R: "La Mania is one of the best venues I have ever seen. The crowd there go bananas. Heads down, hands up - it's a proper scene. Many DJs have the club in their top ten."
LIVIO: "Yes I am starting my residency next week, I can't wait. During the summer I don't really wanna be anywhere else, and for me there are few places better."

Who are some of your biggest influences, producers and DJs?

R: "Steve Lawler is a great influence and supporter of our music. DJ Sasha is always out there. Unique. Producers? Too many to mention. I learn from everyone."

What's next for Livio and Roby?

R:"A new project. A different sound, a live act, only our own creations. We wanna play them in the right time and place, for the right people and it will work. After that, more releases for Solace Digital and some remixes of tracks we're releasing later on in the year."