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London Clubland Shooting

London Clubland Shooting

A spate of shootings hit London clubs recently. Police have arrested three men in connection with the murder of a clubber.

London's club scene suffered an outbreak of gun violence recently, after one man was killed and two were seriously hurt in two shooting incidents at different clubs.

Cops launched a murder inquiry after a 22-year-old man from Kilburn died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Daniel Ross was shot on the dancefloor at the Scala club in King's Cross, North London, at about 3.45am on Sunday 24th September.


Four days later, police arrested three men in connection with the shooting.

Garage Fever presents Old Skool Fever was hosting the Scala club at the time of the shooting.

Detective Chief Inspector Fiona Mallon said: "Everyone dispersed from the dancefloor to exit doors and there was chaos. The victim was standing virtually next to a big cage where the DJs were playing."

The Fridge

Just over 24 hours later, two men were shot outside The Fridge nightclub in Brixton.

Both were treated at the scene by an ambulance crew before being taken to an unnamed hospital.

A spokesperson from The Fridge denied that the shootings had anything to do with the club.

"We've got metal detectors and extremely tight security here so there is no way someone could have brought a gun into the club," he told DJmag.

The shootings outside The Fridge are the latest in a troubled period for the famous South London venue, which recently made headlines after a massive police drugs bust on 15th April.

Spate of Shootings

The tally for the number of shootings at clubs in the capital over the period of two months now stands at four.

Just seven weeks ago, Sharif Zaiden, 18, from Ladbroke Grove, was shot dead on the dancefloor at a private function at the Egg club in King's Cross.