Mikaela, boss of Love the Underground Records, has created a mix for our exclusive Ibiza Download Card. We found out more about her new Ibiza event and label...

Ibiza has long been a massively influential spot for music lovers the globe over. One such lady who epitomizes this fact is Russian newcomer, Mikaela. A woman with a classy penchant for discerning house and techno, Mikaela also runs Love the Underground Records; an imprint and a party that she’ll be asserting on the White Isle this year.

While Mikaela herself plays a starring role as resident, she’ll also be joined by some of the scene’s biggest names, with the likes of Yaya, Stacey Pullen and Valentino Kanzyani all joining her on deck duty. Sure to be a very special party indeed, it’s running at Tox at Destino every Saturday until late September. We caught up with the woman behind it all to find out what’s in store…

How long have you been interested in electronic music then?
“I fell in love with the music the first time I visited Ibiza after a trip to DC10. The music gave me goosebumps then (as it still does today), especially Loco Dice’s ‘El Gallo Negro’, which remains the track that I thank for inspiring me to pursue my own career in the industry. So after spending a couple of seasons living on the island — and appreciating what this music means to so many people all around the world— I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to it.”

Tell me a bit about Love the Underground Records. What was the idea behind it all?
“The philosophy underpinning Love The Underground Records is an unconditional love for underground electronic music, and our aim is to educate and spread the passion and love created through our music. Obviously for me, the most important aspect of the label is maintaining a distinct and recognizable sound, and we are excited to be supporting some super talented up-and-coming artists.

“We have also shown our appreciation for the raw beauty of the music by maintaining a strict no vocals policy, and we are looking forward to sharing our music through the label showcases and parties that we have planned not only in Ibiza, but also worldwide. It’s a big project, with a big vision, but it’s one that my team and I am entirely committed to achieving.”

You’ve settled on Tox at Destino as your party destination of choice. What made you settle on that venue?
“I liked the idea of having an intimate 300-capacity party in Ibiza with a distinct underground sound. It’s definitely something different, as most of the clubs on the island are a lot bigger, so you lose that intimate vibe which is so unique and special about a venue like Tox.

I also love the fact that the DJ booth is on the same level as the dancefloor, which allows the DJ to be close to the people who are there to support you and your music, and means that you can feed off each other’s energy. I think it’s so important to connect with the crowd in this way.”

Are you a fan of more intimate events then?
“I think having such a small venue helps to cultivate a better environment for DJs to connect with their fans and the crowd, which is essential for me. Plus it’s very unique for Ibiza to have such high profile artists in such intimate surroundings, and it was important for me to create something different from what has been previously done on the island.”

Does having a night in Ibiza symbolize the next step for you and the party?
“Absolutely! Having a 16-week residency in Ibiza is a huge step for both the label and myself. We also have the showcase during OFF Week in Barcelona, that takes place at Under with Nicole Moudaber and Tania Vulcano. Unlike Tox, Under is a 2400 capacity venue, which will be the biggest club that I have played in to date. So I have a very busy summer ahead, but hopefully this is just the beginning of a magical journey for all involved in Love the Underground Records, we’re certainly all ready for the challenge!”

What are your hopes and dreams for the season ahead?
“To meet all the artists who will be a part of our series, and ensure their Love the Underground Records experience is a memorable one. To make everyone who supports our events happy, by enthusing them to dance from start to finish, through both the quality of music and the unique vibe that we are working hard to create. And finally of course, to have a successful and enjoyable season on the island.”