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Loveparade Cancelled

Loveparade Cancelled

San Francisco's Loveparade has been cancelled. Is this the end of dance politics in the US? spoke to its organisers to find out.

San Fran Loveparade
San Fran's Loveparade will not take place this year

San Fran Loveparade
Loveparade's Berlin-based parent organisation decided to concentrate on the parade's return to Germany

San Fran Loveparade
San Fran Loveparade was considered a socio-political event, as well as a party

San Fran Loveparade
A Summer Music Conference will take place in San Fran in September/October

San Fran Loveparade

San Fran Loveparade

When the San Francisco Loveparade launched two years ago, it was much more than just a celebration of electronic music.

Like the Berlin Loveparade, San Francisco's street party promoted peace, understanding, and tolerance – core community values that are in danger of being eroded in the US.

Dance music and politics don't often go hand in hand, but in the case of San Fransico's Loveparade, the ethos it was built on directly conflicts the Bush Administration's policy of creating a climate of fear (the photo above shows US DJ D:Fuse waving an anti-Bush poster at the 2005 event).

That's why the devastating news that Loveparade's Berlin-based parent organisation have decided to pull the plug on San Francisco's party resonates louder than any other dance event cancellation.

This isn't just a termination of a rave – this is the end of a major liberal, socio-political event that could have, quite possibly, introduced a new way of thinking to some young people in San Fran.

With the announcement that the San Fran Loveparade organisation has decided to launch a corporate Summer Music Conference as a substitute to the free Loveparade, grilled its CEO Jennifer Manager.

1. The San Fran Loveparade was a free street party aimed at promotingtolerance, peace, and understanding. At a time of increased fear in theUnited States, is a Loveparade not needed now more than ever?

San Francisco is and always been a very liberal and conscious environment, more so than any other city in the US.

I think that LPSF added to that environment but I don't think that we here in San Francisco saw LPSF as our only facilitator for tolerance, peace and understanding. We have peace marches, protests, gay weddings…that's the norm in San Francisco!

2. Why was the San Fran Loveparade started?

Loveparade San Francisco was started because, those involved, wanted to produce a parade of love and diversity through electronic music and dance.

3. Have those initial aims been reached?

I would think they have, LPSF had two great years in San Fran.

4. Why has the San Fran Loveparade been cancelled?

Actually it wasn't cancelled. The Love Parade Berlin organisation decided not to renew any of the licensing agreements it has with any other organisations to focus on the rebirth of the Berlin event happening on July 15th this year.

5. Why not just organise your own street parade without the involvement ofthe Berlin parent organisation?

Well that's a great idea!

6. Do you think dance music, and something like the Loveparade, is able tointroduce Americans to a new way of thinking?

I think that music in general has always been a catalyst for understanding and change.

7. Is the Summer Music Conference a substitute for the Loveparade?

The Summer Music Conference is a conference and trade show within the electronic dance music industry. SMC is the natural progression for San Francisco's music scene.

8. The Loveparade was inclusive and was not just for dance fans, but alsopacifists, gays & lesbians, all races, religions, and ages. Is the SummerMusic Conference for the same people?


9. The Loveparade had a far-reaching social agenda whilst the SMC is pushinga corporate programme. It's not quite as exciting now, is it?

Summer Music Conference is designed to push the envelope of where electronic dance music is going, and how it is developing on multiple levels; from the technology that is used to make new music, to the participant that gets to hear it.

10. Do you think America will ever see the likes of a Loveparade again?

I would hope so!

The Summer Music Conference takes place in San Francisco from September 27th to October 1st 2006.

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The Berlin Loveparade returns this year on July 15th.

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