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Luciano at the Shelborne

Luciano at the Shelborne

New Pacha resident hits the pool for Cadenza party

The day after the night before comes relatively painlessly, despite a late night trip - following the DJ Mag pool party - to Space where we find ourselves rubbing shoulder with Carl Cox in the cue to catch Loco Dice and Marco Carola playing back-to-back under the huge glass ceiling of the terrace.

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It might be a slightly bleary eyed third day at the Shelborne but the arrival of Luciano, who the day before announced his new residency at Pacha in Ibiza, means that the atmosphere is once again as hot as the weather.

Taking to the stage at 4pm, it’s even busier than the day before as Miami’s clubs, streets and bars swell with rave tourists and spring break parties, and a sea of raised arms salutes one of house’s most celebrated DJs as he takes to the stage to play back to back with Loco Dice.

A South-American now resident elsewhere, Miami might well be Luciano's spiritual home and a carnival atmosphere takes grip of the crowd, scattered debris and sozzled smiles everywhere, as we catch up with man of the moment and bat-shit crazy cosmic-wizard Seth Troxler, in a stunning Hunter S Thompson at sea get-up, and Gavin Herlihy in the srum.

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The light long gone at 10.30pm, Luciano is still playing with an assorted band of friends and fellow DJs reaching over to tweak the mixer or drop a track themselves.

Such a marathon effort requires a vigorous warm-down and the last few tracks see him drop the tempo, the vocals of what sounds like Dani Siciliano soothing the transition from day party into another night of tantalising possibility...