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Adrian Lux's Lucky 7...

Adrian Lux has the face of an angel but the beats of a monster. The 27-year-old, Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynne, has moved eons away from making bedroom productions back in his native Sweden… literally. With brand new digs in Los Angeles, a recent spot rocking the VIP Pandora Grammys After-Party and a debut EP titled “Make Out” on Ultra, the wunderkind’s future is shaping up to be star-filled.

The six-track short-player is the stuff from which summer anthems are made and features cameos from fellow Swedes, Lune and Marcus Schossow, amongst others, throughout the uplifting, feel-good EP. There’s even a track called “Lauren Conrad” – perhaps a tribute to Tinsel Town living? Its no wonder Lux is feeling lucky...

What is the track that really sums up your childhood?

“I really loved that Fugees album [The Score] when I was a kid. ‘Ready or Not’ was a very inspirational song. They way it was produced and the words really felt real and I was like, ‘what the hell is this?’”

What’s the first record that you ever bought?

“The first record I ever bought was the Black Album by Metallica! My dad had borrowed a Harley Davidson that summer so we went in to the closest town to get it. I think I was like eight years old. I grew up partially in the countryside and if something was hip everyone was into it since it was such a small village. That summer all the kids where listening to Metallica, next summer I remember everyone was into hip-hop. “

What’s the most embarrassing record in your collection?

“I had so many compilations of music when I was a kid, like Absolute Music and Wanted Music – those where the names of them. I think every Swede can relate to these records. They were full of embarrassing music like that Scatman John song, just that kind of shit.”

What’s the track that’s guaranteed to make you cry?

“Band of Horses' 'No Ones Gonna Love You.’ Such an amazing song, it doesn't get much more sensitive than that.”

What’s an album that you’re currently into?

“The latest album I just loved was the Haim album [Days Gone By].”

What’s the most valuable record in your collection?

“There are so many memorable records in my collection. One of the most influential songs to me is a record by Whatever Girl called 'Activator (Deep Dish Edit),’ that one means a lot to me. Another one would be Pryda's 'Frankfurt.’”

What’s your all-time favorite track of all-time?

“Bat for Lashes’s ‘Daniel!’”