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Dennis Ferrer give us his Lucky 7

Straight-talking New Yorker Dennis Ferrer masterfully weaves his way between genres. Whether the DJ and producer is spinning and producing techno and soulful house, or combining elements of the two such as on his worldwide smash “Hey Hey,” his music delights fans and always gets them moving on the dancefloor – precisely why he's a regular at DJ Mag's annual Miami pool party.

Stating that "you're only as good as your last record," his recent output has taken the path of quality over quantity, allowing each track to fully percolate, but he promises a new single is in the works. In the meantime, his label Objektivity is signing tons of new talent, such as Germany's Andre Hommen, and releasing new music from the likes of the UK's Mark Fanciulli. In addition, Dennis is partnering with Canada’s acclaimed duo Art Department for a new mix CD.

And while his summer has been a whirlwind, shuttling back and forth to Ibiza for his weekly Friday residency at Pacha's Insane party alongside John Digweed, MK and Tensnake, managing his record label and spending time with his family, Dennis maintains an easygoing attitude and a keen sense of humor. He took some time out of his busy schedule to get lucky (7) with DJ Mag...

What is the track that really sums up your childhood?

Wow, what could that track be? That's a tough question. I grew up with a lot of different music. I'd have to go with 'T Plays It Cool' by Marvin Gaye.”

What’s the first record that you ever bought?

It's kind of funny [laughs]. It's actually Sugar Hill Gang 'Rapper's Delight.' I think it was '78 or '79 and I was 10 or 11-years-old. Could you imagine an 11-year-old rolling up and getting that record? I used to live in Queens, I rocked up with $2.50 to the record shop, right? And I went in and I heard this record, I never heard it before. What is that?! Oh, it's 'Rapper's Delight,' so fucked up and cool.”

What’s the most embarrassing record in your collection?

“It's actually this record called 'A Te' by an Italian composer Jovanotti. It's like an Italian wedding song, but it's an amazing record. I just love it because of the music. It's really fucking embarrassing, but...”

What’s the track that’s guaranteed to make you cry?

“It's that embarrassing record 'A Te.' It's a love song, it's simply called 'To You.' That's the super tearjerker. It's like the wedding song for every Italian couple [laughs]. It's one of those guilty pleasures.”

What’s an album that you’re currently into?

“An album I'm digging right now? Hmm... not really digging anyone's album, certain singles like Sailor & I's 'Turn Around (Âme Remix).' I dug the Guti album [Rompecorazones] on Defected, which was a jazz album believe it or not. Guti did a jazz acoustic album, which is out of control.”

What’s the most valuable record in your collection?

“Probably Steely Dan or Steve Wonder's 'Superstition.' Maybe Indeep's 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.' Or maybe my first record, an ambient techno album which I did with producer Tetsu Inoue [under the moniker Om].”

What’s your all-time favorite track of all-time?

“My favorite track... [laughs] let's just go ghetto, NWA's 'She Swallowed It.' [Laughs]. 'She swallowed it... just don't bite it!' Funny and educational.”

WORDS: Kasia Karolak