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Lucky Bastards!

Lucky Bastards!

DJmag readers Laurence Salvietto and Micky Villar won our competition for a clubbing holiday of a lifetime to Pacha in Sharm el Sheikh. Here's their diary of the trip.

Day 1

Pacha Sharm El Sheikh
The boys clearly enjoyed themselves
Wake up at 5.30am ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

After a bumpy flight we arrive at the Sanafir hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, to find we're actually staying inside the superclub Pacha.

Believe it or not, the dancefloor is just outside our room.

Pacha is an open-air club, so when we jump into the jacuzzi we're able to look up at the stars. Amazing!

After mingling with the owner of Pacha and the DJmag crew, we throw some shapes on the dancefloor to the sounds of DJ Behrouz. A great night, and a DJ to watch.

Day 2

Pacha Sharm El Sheikh
Dive bombing in Pacha's swimming pool
Wake up, and divebomb straight into the hotel pool, a perfect cure for a hangover.

It's amazing to think that only a few hours ago this club was packed out, and now it's deserted, except for me and Mick, who are being lairy in the pool.

We head down to the beach and sunbathe all day.

Despite it being the middle of winter, the sun shines all day. Sweet!

In the evening, UK promoters Sintillate are hosting the club, but unfortunately it's r&b, so we decide to check out the funky room, which is emptier than a tramp's pocket.

We hook up with the DJmag posse, and do a quick photoshoot.

Day 3

Pacha Sharm El Sheikh
Ready for a night out on the lash!
It's New Years Eve, and tonight's the night we get to get treated like Egyptian royalty!

We take a trip to the supermarket and grab a truckload of the local brew to make sure we're socially lubricated, and then take a quick dip in the pool, with the masses filling Pacha around us.

The beauty of being a DJmag winner means we get to see in the New Year in our own VIP roped-off area, right next to the DJ booth!

Pacha Sharm El Sheikh
Gordon Edge hanging with the lads
We hang out with the owner and the DJmag crew, and take great pride in spunking the free Champagne, and vodkas!

Gordon Edge The Trumpet Man plays a twisted and chunky set, and when we ask Saeed Younan (who's playing next) to play it dirty he says: "It's going to be so dirty, you'll have shit in your pants."

You can't say pharaoh than that.

Day 4

Pacha Sharm El Sheikh
Time to have a major chillout session. It's the start of 2006, and for the past three days we've been partying our tits off.

Last night was pretty heavy, and today our mouths feel drier than an Egyptians flip flop.

Time to rejuvenate with some fruit juices.

Day 5

Pacha Sharm El Sheikh
Suitably recharged, we head out to do an excursion, which is a day trip snorkelling at the Ras Mohammed National Park.

This is truly the mutt's nuts, it's like the set of 'Finding Nemo'.

We get taken to three different locations to explore the coral reefs and watch the thousands of colourful fishes.

We sunbathe all day on the boat, and jump into the sea whenever we feel like it. This is the life, eh?

Day 6

Pacha Sharm El Sheikh
New clobber!
All week we've been popping in and out of the Pacha shop, desperate to get some new clobber.

Eventually we splash out on three t-shirts. The rest of the day we spend on the beach taking regular dips in the sea.

No colourful tropical fish here though. Still the sun shines bright and a mango ice cream goes down a treat!

Day 7

Today we get up to find a note has been slipped under our door.

It's an invitation from two of the club's dancers we met last night, asking us if we wanted to go to a place in Dahab called the 'Blue Hole', to go snorkelling and to check out the town. Oi Oi!

The taxi ride there though, is not so excellent. Our driver, fresh out of 'Wacky Races', has to pick up his dad so he can drive through the police checkpoints, as he doesn't have a licence.

He also stops when it started raining, because the rain pours through all the windows!

Nevertheless, we saw the funny side and cracked on.

After another ride on the back of a jeep, we arrived at the 'Blue Hole'.

This really was mind-blowing, like an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Pacha Sharm El Sheikh

And to think of all our mates back at home working. Ha ha!

Laurence Salvietto and Micky Villar

The snorkelling trip to Ras Mohammed was good, but this went that extra mile.

With Saudi Arabia in view on the left, camels on the right, and monster fish under our feet, this was clearly a moment to savour and treasure for a lifetime.

And to think of all our mates back at home working. Ha ha!

Day 8

Pacha Sharm El Sheikh
What goes up, must come down. It's time to head home to a little place called Watford.

We squeezed in what we could: a last dip in the Jacuzzi and then dive-bombed of a waterfall.

Rather fittingly, on our way out, we get a shout from the owner of Pacha.

He said: "I like you boys, you party very hard."

Thanks DJmag!