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Introducing the Baboon Booth

There's no doubt that Deadmau5 has raised the bar for live performance. So we're intrigued by the new set-up for Mason, whose forthcoming 'They Are Among Us' album features an all-star cast of guests with Roisin Murphy, Kurtis Blow, DMC from Run DMC, Sam Sparro, Aqualung and Sway.

With a fully synch'd-up light and visual show, they’ll have total control of the in-house lighting and projected visuals on the fly, while instruments include a violin, clarinet and even a kazoo which are played and sampled live.

Best of all though is the intriguing Baboon Booth, a custom built shell that will house all their synths, controllers, laptops, effects and instruments. With fully programmable lighting in the eyes, nose, mouth and surround it promises to give even the mau5 a run for his money.

Keep your eyes peeled for tour dates coming soon and check their latest mix, plus a promo video of the live show, below. 'They Are Among Us' is released on 31st March on Animal Langauge.

Mix December 2010 by Mason