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Wall of Sound artist gathers past experience to produce ' Piece Of Work'

First making his mark within the post-punk scene of the mid '80s, Mekon, aka John Gosling, has worked with some of the most influential and forward thinking producers and artists in music history, including Genesis P.Orridge as part of Psychic TV, and OG junglist Goldie, who gave John his production name.

Having previously made music with Soft Cell's Marc Almonds, hip-hop MC Schoolly D and electro pioneer Afrika Bambaataa, his fourth full length studio release, 'Piece Of Work', features a similarly steeped list of contributors. Schoolly D returns again, alongside late Psychic TV bandmate Peter Christopherson, Marco Pirroni of Adam & The Ants, PIG and Cleo Torres from Agent Provocateur.

A clear homage to the past that takes in industrial, electro rap, acid house and Balearic, the album is also a fresh take on contemporary electronic music's most vital historical moments.

'Piece Of Work' is released on the 25th February on Wall Of Sound and can be pre ordered here

Words: David Sullivan