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The DJ and producer’s 5 favourite clubs across the globe

Michael Woods is no stranger to making his rounds on the club circuit. After the successful release of his Ctrl + Alt + Delete EP on Diffused Music and rumors of new tour on the horizon, Woods reveals to DJ Mag his top 5 clubs from New York to London and beyond.

1. Hakkasan, Las Vegas
"This is my number 1 club. It opened early 2013 having had major renovations after heavy investment and not a penny was misspent. The club boasts the best sound, lighting, and production in the world. It always attracts amazing crowds from all over the globe!"

2. Pacha, NYC 
"This venue has been around nearly a decade and never fails to pull an amazing crowd. The energy levels produced from the dancefloor are immense. They play host to the biggest and best DJs from around the world and its located about five minutes away from my favourite pizza joint in NYC."

3. New City Gas, Montreal
"The first time I played here I was completely blown away by the sheer size of it. I can only compare the atmosphere that goes with it to one of a major festival. Montreal fans are one of the most energetic and responsive crowds in the world, they love a good party!"

4. Ministry of Sound, London
"The sheer history that surrounds this venue is amazing. Even with their recent battle with closure MOS and all of its fans managed to sway the vote of the British government, not an easy feat. This venue has one of the best DJ booths I have ever played in, it is literally any DJs playground. Plus this venue is in my hometown and I always get a great reception from the home crowd."

5. Amnesia, Ibiza
"Anyone that has been to this Island will know of the magic it has. It simply cannot be compared to anything else. It is a beautiful place. Amnesia is another club drenched in history and holds two massive rooms that host the greatest DJs worldwide. I always feel honoured to be playing there."