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Monika Kruse

Monika Kruse

Can't Live Without her Oscar Synthesizer

"It was nearly 10 years ago when I visited Baby Ford in London. We talked about various things and, of course, about our productions and I told him that I really liked his warm and energetic bassline. So we went to his studio and he introduced me to 'Oscar. I immediately wanted to start working with it.

"When I got back to Germany I went everywhere looking to find one as soon as possible. It was really hard to find and finally an engineer who was working for Kraftwerk had one to sell. Finally, I had my own Oscar'.

"What I really like about the machine is its deep, warm and great bassline. It is a classic piece of gear and I wouldn't think about changing my studio or creating a new studio without it. It still has its place and will not leave this house."