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More than Human

More than Human

Electro pop misfits A.Human are taking over...

The highly-evolved rhythms and synth-infused electro beats of A.Human represent the ultimate marriage between man and machine. Led by arch replicant Dave Human, their insouciant android attitude and wry lyrical witticisms, depicting a beleaguered Britain peopled with celebrity freaks, paranoiacs and the downtrodden, drags the dystopian electro pop of artists like Gary Numan and John Foxx into the noughties to blistering effect.

A group of Londoners who came together in Clerkenwell, united by a mutual respect and derision for each other's musical tastes, it's the elemental soundclashes and fusions that make the band what they are.
"We all come from different musical backgrounds so when we talked about music together we realized that all our opinions and often conflictions would make for a good basis from which to start a band. Thus A.Human was born, a love child of conflict," confessed Human.
Their debut album 'Third Hand Prophecy' - out now on Wall of Sound - is a vital statement of intent. Here, the jazz-noir upright bass and skittering drum breaks of 'Post Post Modern Anxiety Blues' do battle with the wolf-howl Numanoid moogisms of 'Black Moon', a lunar cycle that could have been culled from 'Replicas' had it been recorded in 2008.
As inspired by Talking Heads and Underworld as they are by PJ Harvey, the group are just as likely to deliver oddball electrofunk cover versions of America's 'Horse With No Name' as they are to deliver poignant, mellow acoustica like 'Sun Will Rise', their eclectic mentality truly a product of the modern age.

"We make slightly edgier pop that has electro noises in it so to call it electro pop would be a valid comment. But then again, Steps had electronic sounds in their music and we're not like them!" smirked Human. "Our music comes from all over the place. It's not so much a melting pot, more of a slow cooker."
With lyrical concerns ranging from the iniquities of an office worker, to the shattered dreams of the title track, to a paranoid member of the public unable to leave their home, fearing terrorist attacks, A.Human hold a mirror up to urban darkness but are able to see a certain amount of hope in it, too.
"It's about love, fear, paranoia, desire, hope and hopes dashed. A 'Third Hand Prophecy' is a prophecy battered and broken that's been passed around all over the place until its meaning is distorted and seemingly worthless."
Live, the band takes on a different form, transmogrifying into a feral, rabid beast, with slashing guitars, stabbing synths and Human's voice becoming a primal yell.
"When we play live our music becomes more raucous, raw and chaotic, it gives us the freedom to express the drama within the lyrical and musical themes explored in the album," added Human.
Let these super humans into your world…