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Muir power!

Muir power!

Nick Muir's reveals new direction

Progressive house giant Nick Muir has found a new source of inspiration. After a particularly memorable night in Berlin, he's thrown himself into production, with a brace of new material ready to drop on a variety of labels.

"We had a brilliant night out at Berghain," Muir revealed. "I was in Berlin for the weekend with my wife Donna, and we wanted to go and check it out. There was really good, different music, and I had a whale of a time. I realised there was something different going on and it's been influencing me ever since, really."

Muir's new minimal techno inspired direction is manifested in his new cut 'G-Platz' - out now on Audio Therapy - which combines a smidgeon of his melodic sensibilities with the stripped back, spare minimal techno sound.

"It's something a bit different for me," added Nick. "I've been listening to different stuff for the past two or three years and wanted to do something different to what I'm known for."

Muir also has a new track due to drop on Vapour Recordings in December, 'Airtight'.

"Again, rather than go down the progressive route with 'Airtight', it's a more bare type of sound, just using a few elements, not piling everything and the kitchen sink into the mix."

Perhaps his most significant new track, though, is 'Gridlock': an immense 25-minute odyssey as Bedrock, in collaboration with John Digweed, and taking up the second CD of Diggers' latest 'Transitions' comp. Now truncated into two shorter edits for single release, 'Gridlock' is also out now on Renaissance.

As if this weren't enough, Muir has also hooked up with SOG Records, and is committing no less than four cuts to vinyl for them.

"Toby who runs SOG had heard a remix I'd done and asked me to do some tracks for their SOG Files series. I've just about finished a remix of Greed, which is Toby's project, that's called 'Bending'; there's a remix of a track called 'Re-touch The Moon'; there's an original as-yet-untitled track; and another remix of a track called 'Luminaire.'"

Muir power to him!