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Toronto's my Favorite Robot get down and dirty

Canadian trio My Favorite Robot, AKA Jared Simms, James Teej and Voytek Korab, scored big with this year's 'Atomic Age' on No. 19 Music, their second album, which continued to define a direction as indebted to '80s synth pop and Goth-ish guitar bands as it is to house and techno.

Out on the 16th of December, Jimmy Edgar, Kate Simko, Mr G and False Image all have a crack at remoulding tracks from this in their own image. While you'll have to wait to hear these, this podcast from MFR gives a taste of their eponymous label, with tracks from Nhar and Tim Paris, whose own excellent album also recently dropped on the imprint.

1. Thomas Fehlmann - Eye - Kompakt
2. Nhar - Life's Ether - My Favorite Robot Records
3. Red Axes Feat Abrão - 'Caminho De Dreyfus' Rebolledo Remix - Correspondant Records
4. Margot - Voice Chord - Kill The DJ Records
5. Adam Marshall - Night Train - New Kanada
6. John Tejada - Anaphora - Palette
7. Coma - Missing Piece (Computer Camp Mix) - Kompakt
8. Tim Paris - Extreme Nails - My Favorite Robot Records
9. Deadly Vanity - Taken All Die Liebe feat Andrew Garnett - Bohemian Yacht Club
10. Gregorythme - Focus - Raoul
11. My Favorite Robot - Sharpest Tongue - No.19 Music