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MYNC's Pioneer Power

MYNC's Pioneer Power

MYNC Project recently demonstrated the immense power of Pioneer's digital DJ gear, when they used the top spec equipment for a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

Pioneer's new digital DJing equipment is already being rinsed out by leading jocks such as MYNC Project, who recently used the new Pioneer MIDI mixer and CD decks to perform their BBC Radio One Essential Mix.

Comprising of Mark Younghead and Nick Corelli, MYNC have cultivated their own unique style of house, and wow the crowds with their show that includes four CDJs, two DJM mixers and numerous EFX units.

They've guested at Ministry and Cream, at Miami's Groovejet and had a residency at Passion.

"The way in which the equipment connects in the digital domain ensures the purest, highest quality sound essential for broadcast and club install standards,'' comments Nic Corelli of MYNC. "Add this to the extra creativity possible from combining the new colour sound effects on the DJM-800 with the easy loop and hot cue functions on the CDJ-1000 MK3, and you can take DJing to new limits.

By adding hands-on digital effects including the feedback loop trick on the EFX-1000, you blur the line between DJing and producing even further as re-editing tracks on the fly becomes standard.''

To hear the mix for yourself, check out before Saturday 27th May.