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Nano Patch - Passive Speaker Volume

Nano Patch - Passive Speaker Volume

Control the volume of your active speakers easily, without having to look for the volume within your software.

Active speakers are becoming the standard in home studio set-ups, and for those who don't use a mixer, adjusting the volume can sometimes be a bit of a pain.

Enter the Nano Patch, a compact desktop volume box that sits between the soundcard and the speakers. Problem solved!

SM Pro Audio – Nano Patch
Released: TBA
Contact: / +61 3 9555 8081 /


• Super compact 2 channel analog passive volume control.
• Completely transparent operation.
• 2 x combo inputs, 2 x TRS outputs.
• Rotary volume attenuation control.
• Mute button.
• No power required.
• Sturdy steel chassis.