Flagship Traktor Controller from the NI camp

Native instruments are back with a new development that will once again change the way that DJs look at performing in the new modern digital era.

Native have just announced a new flagship controller the Kontrol S8, a 4-channel stand-alone mixer, professional audio interface, and enhanced performance deck for ultimate control over Traktor Scratch Pro. The first thing that eagle eyed DJs will spot is that there are no jog wheels on the unit itself!

Yeah that’s right Native have taken the jump and moved away from the de facto DJ controller (2 jogs and a mixer style) set up, and whilst they are not the first company to do this, no doubt, that with all their heavy weight know how and fan base they will probably be the first that will dominate the DJ market place with the new design. Novation tried it with the Twitch which, whilst was a good little unit in its on rights never really caught the attention of the Pro DJ market place. Something the Kontrol S8 intends to do.

Native’s new Kontrol S8 adds another dimension to Digital DJ delivery and performance, allowing DJs to perform as if using an instrument in conjunction with the software by utilising the array of touch pads, knobs and sliders that are available. It’s all about the “live remix”

Also take a closer look at the Kontrol S8 and marvel at the inbuilt full colour displays that allow DJs to do everything on the unit without even looking at the laptop. Looks like this will be the way forward in the next generation of DDJ controllers.

Anyway this news flash is all about Native’s Kontrol S8 and its snazzy looking layout, featuring touch sensitive controls, touch strips for track navigation and all the associated knobs and sliders to allow DJs to deliver those killer sets!

And if and just say if DJs really want to use the S8 in a slightly more conventional way they are free to connect any sound source into it as it’s a fully-fledged mixer as well. No end of set up opportunities are available, decks or no decks add another controller like the  F1 or even X1, whatever takes your fancy, build your set up around the new Kontrol S8. The future of DJing is now as Native would say.