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Niche Nibbles

Niche Nibbles

Less of this and more of that!

COLOUR OF THE MONTH… Well it's white of course. With a bit of luck you'll be sporting a tan of some description, so you have no choice but to show it off with the ultimate complimentary summer colour.

DC Vs GA… Groove Armada get stuck into sneaker design with this pair of not entirely quiet trainers that they've put their mark on for DC. Available throughout the summer at Size.

DIY… It's all about doing it yourself these days. In the words of The Borg 'adapt and modify'. Fancy doing up your own deck shoes? Timberland have all the ways in.

TWISTED ORIGINALS… Levi's celebrate their 10th anniversary of their Engineered Jeans with a series of denim reissues and this limited edition t-shirt; featuring Twisted Original characters Fingers, Hopper and Bernie. Cute!

BUM BAGS… They're back. Be afraid, be very afraid. Actually, they're not such a bad idea especially if you like to go 'hands free'.

MAD DECENT… We just can't get enough of Diplo's label. Be it Major Lazer's album, Diplo's good looks or their latest merchandise. Fab tees from their online store are worth losing sleep over.

VUDU… When we were told that Vudu leather loafers were soft, we had no idea just how soft. They melt in your hand. Agreed they're not to everyone's taste, but neither is farmers chic (eh Martin?).