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A Night With... Steve Bug

A Night With... Steve Bug


The intimate, rough-edged and typically East London venue Scrutton Street warehouse is definitely an adequate setting for the next installment of A Night With…  So step forward tonight’s candidate, Steve Bug.

The DJ/producer who heads up the massively respected labels Poker Flat, Dessous and Audiomatique is a stalwart name on the underground scene. Not only does he spout out grade A productions from all angles, but he also delivers the kind of memory making and pant moistening DJ sets that have resulted in his profile being boosted to legendary status. And tonight the 300 or so strong crowd is treated to a full 8 hours of Bug flexing his talents.

Now, any DJ who has played such a long set or indeed any raver who has partied through an 8 hour session minus even a toilet break will appreciate just how tiring this can become.  It is with this in mind that I bow down to the DJ for what turns out to be a seamless jaw dropper of a set with just enough ‘hug the stranger next to you’ moments, some deep and driving head bobbers and plenty of communal praise flying about at the end.

Though the space takes a while to fill up, by 1am the set is well underway in its mission to draw the crowd ever closer to the decks. The bass-line is thundering like a Bugatti and the beat smashes your chest walls as soon as you step into the intimate basement. The product of the array of Funktion Ones lining the dance floor, the sound ricochets around the walls, pillars and low ceiling to create a crisp musical cocoon. After a build-up that displays his massive attention to detail (no fillers, all killer) Bug drops his own production, the dance-floor exploding ‘You Make Me Feel’ which elevates the crowd to fever pitch before he raises the bass, and the pace, up a notch.

The atmosphere continues to storm away as Bug delivers massive tunes left, right and centre, meaning there are few points when you feel you could pop for a wee/cigarette and not miss something special.  As the hours progress on and the temperature creeps ever higher, Bug slips in Surrealism’s epic ‘So Much’ which is enough to lift even the weariest reveler back to their peak.

As things wrap up at 6am, it’s a fair conclusion that the fourth installment of the A Night With… series had lived up to the hype.  A stripped back club night focusing all attention on the music, it poses a perfect chance for world class DJs to showcase their goods to the kind of die-hard music lovers that make the scene what it is; inspiring, uplifting and in many cases educating.

Steve Bug reiterates just why he deserves his place amongst the world’s best, and London can look forward to an exciting new club night seeking to satisfy those that live and breathe dance music.

Which makes us extra specially excited about the next episode with Anja Schneider on the 4th of September.

Words: Julia Jennings