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Check out the new performance video of Novation's Launch Control XL

Novation’s new Launch Control XL is now available to buy from dealers nationwide, and to mark this momentous news Novation have just unveiled a new performance video featuring Ill Factor. Not only this, the Ableton Live Lite session featured in the video is up for grabs, as well as a tutorial in which he explains how the Launch Control XL is used in his performance.

Novation Launch Control XL is the newest controller to join the Launch Control family, designed to be used in conjunction with Ableton Live. The Launch Control XL features 24 knobs all laid out in three rows of eight, mimicking Ableton’s mixer interface. Along with 16 multi-coloured buttons and eight chunky faders for total hands on control. It is the perfect companion for any Live set-up, and when combined with the original Launchpad it becomes a true Ableton controller powerhouse.

Check out the video below, and don’t forget to grab the session here and give it a go yourself.