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Numanoids Rejoice!

Numanoids Rejoice!

Gary Numan's new tour

Dark overlord of synth-pop, electronic music innovator, goth idol: Gary Numan is all of these things. And now it's time for Numanoids to rejoice, as the man behind huge hits like 'Cars' and 'Are Friends Electric?' (with Tubeway Army) has announced a big UK tour to celebrate the re-release of his seminal 1979 album 'Replicas'.

The tour kicks off on 29th February at Bristol Academy, and from there rolls on to:

  • 1st March Corporation, Sheffield
  • 2nd Mar ABC, Glasgow
  • 3rd Mar Spring & Airbrake, Belfast
  • 4th Mar Tripod, Dublin
  • 5th Mar Rock City, Nottingham
  • 7th Mar Newcastle Academy
  • 8th Mar Manchester Academy
  • 9th Mar UEA, Norwich
  • 10th Mar Wulfren Hall, Wolverhampton
  • 11th Mar The Junction, Cambridge
  • 12th Mar The Dome, Brighton
  • 13th Mar Oxford Academy
  • 14th Mar Southampton University
  • 15th Mar indigO2, London
The re-issued 'Replicas' will be released on 25th February with an extra CD of B-sides and alternate takes. Numan will perform the album in its entirety on the tour. The dystopian imagery and dark-synth cityscapes evoked by the album, particularly on highlight 'Down in the Park', remain a huge influence on electronica artists to this day.