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Numark DDS80 MP3 player

Numark DDS80 MP3 player

Numark have jazzed up their D2 digital media player.

The new DDS80 still plays from virtually any USB storage disk and MP3 player, but now it has a posh new colour screen and comes with a rack drive unit.

The rack adds twin CD/DVD playback along with an 80GB hard drive to store your music. It's not fixed yet, but the price should be around £599 when it comes out in summer.

PRICE: £599
OUT: Summer 08
UK CONTACT: 01252 341 400


* Large backlit, full-color display with revolutionary user interface
* Key lock support for maintaining key while tempo shifting
* Visual Track Profiles show energy changes for precise phrase searching
* Seamless looping, pitch control, scratching capability via jog wheels
* Text-search, letter-pick scrolling, and on-board playlist creation
* 3 USB ports for iPods, thumb drives and hard drives
* Play music from two devices simultaneously, including two songs from the same iPod
* Scratch with MP3, WAV and AAC (unprotected) files
* Pitch control with range up to +25% and down to -100%
* Beatkeeper™ technology with TAP override function
* Searches via two large jog wheels and uses skip peak searching in profiles
* 2 front-facing USB ports for additional expansion