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Online Collaboration Tool

Online Collaboration Tool

Nowadays, dance music is being made by people all over the world. This website will help you keep track of your collaboration projects.

Music producers, DJs, and clubnight promoters sometimes have to work
collaboratively in order to produce a tune or event.

The biggest organisational challenge is usually communication related as roles and responsibilities get lost in unwritten agreements, deleted emails, in other words good old mismanagement.

In the dance industry where global collaboration is an everyday occurrence, Basecamp may be the tool to bridge the communication and time difference gap.

Billed as a project collaboration tool it was created to centralise communications, roles, and assignments.

This online tool promises a smarter, easier, more elegant way to get things done.

"We've used Basecamp for the last few months and it's made our internal communications and teamwork infinitely more productive," says Noah Weiss a raving user who represents a typical project management person.

"I honestly don't think we would have been able to release our latest investment report on-time if we didn't have Basecamp to help keep us organized."

It's easy to see for instance, how musicians working collectively on one track might benefit from the tool.

A songwriter based in Sydney could post lyrics to a New York-based vocalist to record, and then send the track on to a producer sitting in his studio in Manchester, who could then send it to a record label exec in London.

Without a central project management tool the collaborative effort could drag on for months due to miscommunication problems.

Although Basecamp can prove to be expensive fortunately there's a free basic plan that allows users to work on a single project.