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Paolo Mojo 'Recovering'

Paolo Mojo 'Recovering'

Paolo told that he's "well on the road to recovery" from his stomach illness.

a href="">Paolo Mojo has told that he is "well on the way to recovery" after severe stomach problems forced the house DJ to cancel all his gigs for a couple of weeks.

"I'm not dying or anything but I have been in a lot of pain," said Paolo, who had to have scans and tests in hospital.

"I've got a fairly serious stomach condition called acute pancreatitis, which affects the way the pancreas functions.

"I'm pretty unlucky because this is a condition that mainly affects alcoholics, but anyone that knows me will vouch that I'm no heavy drinker!"

The London-based spinner is well on the way to recovery but is "taking it easy", and plans to play only a few gigs in November on the advice of doctors.

"I will however be playing one very easy gig for Halloween in Paris next week at the Mix Club in Paris," said Paolo.

Paolo Mojo's stomach has been pretty unlucky for the last few weeks.

At the beginning of October he caught salmonella "after staying in an awful hotel in Lisbon".

Then he had to cancel a South American tour and loads of other gigs because of acute pancreatitis.

Now he's got to eat bland food for a few weeks.

"I'm doing alright, but for the next few weeks, I've got to have lots of rest and be on a really bland diet so as to not aggravate the condition.

"Then I'll be ready to get back on the road properly."