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Pat Mahoney Interview

Pat Mahoney Interview

Pat Mahoney is the disco deviant whose excursions into mirrorball grooves with along with DFA pal James Murphy and on a solo tip have been lighting up floors in NYC, London and all round the globe.

He'll be performing at the Smirnoff Electric Cabaret at the Manchester Academy on 27th November, alongside Juan Maclean, Das Pop, Devil's Gun and a host of jaw-dropping cabaret acts. For more information

For those that haven't heard Pat Mahoney play before, what can we expect?

"Quite simply the best songs you have ever heard!"

You're known for DJing on a disco tip, which tracks are doing it for you at the moment, both old and new?

"I like Still Going and Hercules, and Suzy Q and Sylvester and Robert Owen and Carl Craig and Dinosaur L and Chaz Jankel and Idris Muhammed and Class Action and Liquid Liquid and Skyy and Crown Heights Affair and Suzi Lane and a whole bunch of other good stuff."

The so-called nu-disco thing seems to have gotten bigger than ever in the last year or so, with mainstream newspapers writing features on the return of disco. Is this a good or bad thing in your opinion?

"I think nu-disco is a bit of a record store category, but if people are interested in music that I love then I'm all for it."

Are you pleased to see some genuine funk returning to the dancefloor?

"I'm pleased when I see former Paradise Garage regulars who bring talcum powder to sprinkle on the floor at Nicky Siano's night. Is that genuine funk?"

You've been involved in the indie rock world in the past with Les Savy Fav, has this informed your approach to club music?

"Yes, it has familiarized me with failure, and consequently made me more comfortable with the risk of embarrassment."

Are you working on anything on the production side currently?

"I recently worked with James Murphy playing some drums on a DFA project, as well as with Planning to Rock and Team B (Janine Rostron, and Kelly Pratt respectively)."