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All-in-one DJ system

Pioneer unleash yet another new controller onto the DJing community the XDJ-R1 is an all-in-one DJ system that covers all the bases. The Pioneer XDJ-R1 brings together in one box the ability to mix traditional CDs, digital audio from USB drives, control digital DJing software and is also a standalone mixer in its own right. Not only that, the XDJ-R1 has a host of powerful performance features and can be remotely controlled via iPad, iPhone and iPod touch via Pioneer’s all new Remotebox app

As with the other Pioneer controllers the ability to use hot cues, loop and sample banks are all available.

The XDJ-R1 looks like a very exciting prospect we’ll be bringing you the full round up on it very soon.

The XDJ-R1 all-in-one DJ system is available from June at an £859