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The high-end filter plug in that is dance music's secret weapon

FabFilter are one of those companies that are regarded highly by the dance music fraternity. But they have also been a closely-guarded secret to those in the know. Their products have transformed often ordinary sounds into the stuff of legend and have found their way onto many a dancefloor hit. In many of DJ Mag's In The Studio interviews, DJs and producers will drop the name FabFilter, but ask the ordinary man or woman on the dancefloor and they might not know what you’re talking about. Until now, as we are giving them a glowing report for their new Total Bundle. All of the Fab Filter extensive plug-ins in one box, featuring some of the best EQ, compressor, limiter, de-esser, gate/expander, multi-band distortion, stereo delay, filter and synthesizer plug-ins available today.

There are 12 plug-ins on offer in this pack and each have a specific use. The original filters, like Volcano, Timeless and Saturn will morph and transform sounds from simple lush flowing phasing filter effects to aggressive speaker-ripping behemoths. All a variation on the theme, but all working to sculpture and manipulate.

For producers who need something quick and easy, there are the basic plug-ins that offer decent sound mangling, with the bare essentials when it comes to the controls and parameters. They are not found lacking when it comes to mashing up noises.
The look and visual representation of the plug-ins make for easy use.

All knobs and dials are large and clearly marked to make things simple. Sometimes on heavyweight plug-ins such as these, the graphic visual display is a minefield that can be quite intimidating and puts users off. Not so with FabFilters. With almost 10 years in the game, this approach is something that is obviously a hit with users.

The pack also comes with pro-end mixing and mastering tools for all those producers and engineers who are comfortable digging deeper below the bonnet when it comes to producing their tracks.

A useful collection of plug-ins for sound designers/producers and engineers, and a worthy arsenal for that plug-in collection.

Plug-in name: Total Bundle
Developer: FabFilter
Format: VST, AU, and AAX
Price £442.59