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An electric piano synthesizer plug-in delivering authentic Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds

Plugin name: Lounge Lizard 4
Developer: AAS
Format: VST, AU and AAX
Price: £131.65

Lounge Lizard was one of the first ever plugins that I owned, it was used by nearly every top producer that I could name back in the day. It has featured on all styles and genres of music from dance to indie to pop, and the reason why it was loved so much was the fact that it was simply brilliant. It was the closest-sounding software reproduction of two pieces of vintage kit that could be found at the time of its release, and nothing has changed to this day. Lounge Lizard EP is an electric piano synthesizer plug-in delivering authentic Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds in a simple to use package, and now it is revamped and upgraded to Version 4.

AAS, the company that makes Lounge Lizard, have spent a lot of time focusing on the technique called Physical Modelling. Physical Modelling allows each part of the real instrument to be replicated via a mathematical formula, allowing for a more realistic sound than just a collection of samples — as the range of dynamics that can be achieved is far greater. The physically modelled instrument is able to more accurately reflect how the original bit of kit sounds, especially when played as it physically copies/models every aspect of the original gear

Lounge Lizard is more versatile than just being a simple electronic piano simulation, and with cool programming and FX really does sound amazing. Version 4 takes things to another level in terms of the sound and what can be achieved with Lounge Lizard EP 4. It simply can’t be beaten by any other Rhodes or Wurlitzer plugin. It may not appeal to basic dance producers, but anyone interested in diverse and leftfield electronica should give this baby a whirl.