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Filter FX plug-in from Sugar Bytes

WOW 2 is a filter FX plug-in from those clever guys at Sugar Bytes, and as the name suggests when you start to use this little thing you’re sure to shout out loud: 'WOW!'

The sound manipulation that this plug-in delivers to your audio is amazing. It really does transform bland uninspiring audio into killer tracks. It is easy to get carried away with WOW 2 and stick it on everything, especially when you first start using it, but once this initial over-zealous approach has waned, WOW 2 really is a piece of beauty.

WOW 2 has 21 different filter types, as well as a healthy selection of distortion FX modelled on from some pretty decent hardware like Moog and Korg’s MS 20 filters. It's pretty easy to use within your DAWs. Select your audio, insert it on the audio chain and away you go.

The modulations go from badass to insane and can be modulated via a variety of controls and parameters. One of the standout modulations is the Vowel Mode which turns your audio into a singing monk-type of effect, but to be honest nearly every filter FX is pretty damn good.

WOW 2 — like other Sugar Bytes effects — are used by the big boys including Skrillex, Boys Noize, SiriusMo, Modeselekto and Mouse On Mars and will be heard on many dancefloor smashes.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to transform your sounds, WOW 2 has to be on your hit-list.