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Practise And N Joy!

Practise And N Joy!

DJmag team up with YouTube superstar, the DJ Tutor, and here we highlight some of the coolest videos that can be found at


Video: 'We Play House Music (Electro)' Youtube User: bamanda2.

This lady got in touch with DJ Tutor in November 2006, asking questions on counting bars. She then bought her first DJ kit in January 2008 and is now being watched continually. This video has received well over 2.7 million views and is close to being in the Top 100 most watched music videos of all time.


A must-see is user djravine from Australia. A guy with more NRG than a power station, he's a mixing/turntabalist that likes to play full-on hardcore, and in his words he likes the "wika wika wow" sound you get from scratching with vinyl. Keep your eye on him!


Go watch Youtube user Djarkitech, a young lad from Ireland. DJ Tutor saw this guy last year before he got his DJ kit when he was actually mixing on a ghetto blaster and a hi-fi system. This was all he had yet his mixes were fantastic. Now he has his decks and is getting better every day.