Part of the new ‘Re_Cycle#1’ EP out on This And That

Italian techno don Davide Squillace, has joined forces with experimental indie outfit PLUGGER, for a new techno EP that’s set to blow your socks off!

Tipped for release on Squillace’s own imprint on 23rd March, ‘Re_Cycle#1’ might come as a surprise to diehard fans of This And That – it’s considerably more “out there” than most of the label’s previous catalogue. The risk appears to have paid off for Squillace, with the producer and DJ reworking PLUGGER’s brand of psychedelic rock for the dance floor, cue dark and broody techno for the early morning hours!  

Listen to an exclusive stream of the EP’s atmospheric A side ‘Waxoline’ via DJ Mag and read what Davide had to say when we caught up with him below.

Davide Squillace & PLUGGER ‘Re_Cycle#1’ is out on This And That on 23rd March.

Hey Davide! Where in the world are you?

“Right now, I'm in Barcelona between the office and the studio, and getting ready for the weekend.”

How did your collaboration with PLUGGER kick off?

“I met Alex Braga, the man behind Plugger, two summers ago in Ibiza and was amazed by his multidisciplinary artistic approach, the concept of PLUGGER, plus the power and psychedelia of the music, as well as his impressive multimedia live show. Plus, we got along very well immediately. It's amazing how people that have the same view in life are drawn to each other among thousands, even if they don't know each other.”

What's the story behind ‘Re_Cycle#1’?

“This And That is more than a label, it's a factory for multitalented artists to grow and expand their boundaries. ‘Re_Cycle#1’ is not only my first collaboration with PLUGGER and their debut on the clubbing scene, it is the beginning of an artistic journey into something different, made of groovy music, stunning videos, impressive shows, sculptures, pictures, technology all to serve one concept: how to reach into the infinite inside the finiteness of our boundaries. PLUGGER might be the answer!”

Tell us a little about This And That?

““She” follows no rules, is out of stereotypes, and has interacted with the arts since the beginning, but is – of course – music oriented, she’s all about releasing good music! (This And That) is not a “send us your promo label”, we really fall in love with the artists (that) we decide to sign and we consider them part of a family. It’s also a way of pushing out our passion for art and design. The first ten covers (for the label) are designed by very important contemporary artists – people like Christian Flamm, Piero Golia and Gavin Russom – and we try to support every release with a video - you can see these on our vimeo channel. At the end of the day, we really like to create, make the process funnier! Our slogan is: “draw music, play arts”.”

Plans for 2015? Tours, dates?

“I have a very crazy, special year ahead and a non-stop schedule! I’m leaving for Miami soon and then a North and South American tour after that. From there, I’m coming back for the Ibiza openings, then Sonar (in Barcelona) and then the summer! I’m working on my “Telemaco” album, it’s not 4/4 music, and some very cool collaborations, like the one with Marcelo Burlon, a great Italian fashion designer. Also working with my partners to develop my party brand!”

Anything else we should know?

“Only a month to go before the new born ;)”