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ENFERNO remixes Steve Aoki & Waka Flocka “Rage The Night Away”

If you know the name ENFERNO, then you’ve already experienced with his wild energy and technical prowess. If not, you're in for something special. Praised for live remix videos in which, the DJ uses keys, MPC’s, drums, samples, turntables and various computer triggers to flip tracks on their head on the spot. 

For his new remix ENFERNO brings his skills to Steve Aoki and Waka Flocka's "Rage The Night Away," where he quickly transforms the track into a thundering festival trap take of his own. A respected DMC World DJ champ, a remix veteran and coveted live mix master, ENFERNO works to add his signature flair to another huge release. 

Listen to the premiere, then read our quick fire Q&A with ENFERNO after the jump.

DJ MAG: Describe your sound in a few words?
ENFERNO: “Bass, future, melodic, versatile.”

What is it you're doing in your videos technically speaking?
“I’m playing a live version of the my studio remix of “Boneless”.  I do it with turntables, keys, and percussion…at the same damn time.  Bass notes, drums, and samples are on the pads (Maschine), synths are on the keyboard, and the original Boneless samples and some sound effects coming from the turntables.  I’m eventually looking to add a cowbell, kazoo, and a triangle to my setup so I can slay everyone.”

How'd you learn to do it?
“Read some manuals, music tech forums, watched some youtube videos and figured it out. Nobody was really doing live turntable vs instruments like I had pictured in my head, so I didn’t really have anyone to go to really reference for direction.  Luckily for me, nerds end up figuring everything else out in the end.”

Favorite artists to remix? 
“I don’t really have a favorite artist to remix.  If the original or any part of the track moves me, I’m all about it.”