An unlikely pairing of two super producers fit like a glove on “The Calvary”

Scott Storch “is mounting his modest comeback.” The notoriously self-destructive production genius opens up to Billboard in a recent interview revealing, as many have speculated for months, that a new beginning is on the horizon. We could easily ramble on about the Grammy-nominated Storch’s fast-money, which led to a cocaine addled sex fest until finally seeking out help. It’s all those “juicy bits” many people (famous or not) face on their own spirals to the bottom. However, that tabloid shit is best left for folks too enthused about OPP (other peoples’ problems) to remember what this man is really about: Music. So let’s talk about that, and while we’re it at it, why not share his newest output, which sees the no longer high on drugs producer, experiments in dance music a new sound for the man famed primarily for hip-hop, with much higher bpms.

Enter Steven Lee, Storch cohort and dance music aficionado, first made famous under the name Lee Cabrera and classic hit, “Shake It,” and has been championed by everyone from Pete Tong to the World Music Awards. Lee has a slew of brand spanking new projects brewing alongside producers Jimmy Douglass (four-time Grammy winner), Ill Factor (the man behind hits for Justin Timberlake and Kevin Rudolf) and the legendary Vincent Di Pasquale (Madonna, Mariah Carey).  

We got our mitts on an exclusive preview of the Steven Lee and Scott Storch’s tag team debut sound. Their forthcoming release, “The Calvary,” is for partiers seeking driving beats with anvil drops, yet are smart enough to crave compelling structure and composition. Forget your old Pinto, and drive in style with “The Calvary,” where the meeting of two sage musical minds from across the sonic spectrum collide, rendering horse power for a high-octane collab of Bugatti status for the dancefloor.

As Lee and Storch shift into high gear with more releases on the way, (they’re primed to feed an expected demand for their collaborative tunes), these two pimps of music making will doubtlessly have old and new fans alike becoming rapidly hooked. Luckily, it’s one vice that won’t kill you. Press play now on your latest addiction. 

Don't miss our back to back interviews with Steven Lee and Scott Storch after DJ Mag's exclusive preview of ”The Cavalry,” after the jump.

Scott, You've had a tremendous amount of success with your past work, Why the move into dance music and does that mean you are exclusive with Dance now?
“It’s a challenge and I’ve also been dating hip-hop for long enough — time to take out some other girls.”

 Have you done any other dance records or is this your first? 
“I’m in progress on a number of great collaborations and records in the dance space, but extremely excited about the banger Steven and I created.  Will certainly get people moving.”

Steven,  what's the vibe in the studio with Scott Storch and how did you meet Scott? 
“It's like being called up to the major leagues for the first time and seeing first hand why guys like Storch have made it and made it big. You have no choice but to raise your game in the room but we just gelled perfectly and the creativity was endless. 

“We met through a Marquee industry vet, had a meet greet when I was in Miami, hit the play button and boom…”

What was the inspiration behind "The Calvary" it's an interesting name and the record sounds like numerous genres all in one yeah?
Scott: “The inspiration was actually movie-based — while we were vibing in the studio, in the backdrop on mute was a crazy war movie on Netflix and that gave us the idea for this upbeat, pump-up record.  And yes the multi-genre sound really communicates the intensity we felt from the atmosphere in the studio.”
Steven: “Ha, Scott always has a variety of videos on the big screen in the studio. In this case it was an old school knights and calvary flick with battles, triumphs, death, victory and it was certainly quite the inspiration and metaphor for a dope tune that I think yes, captured an array of genres and all in a six-minute record!”  

Scott, now you, what's dope about working with Steven Lee in the studio?
“Steven is part of a group of people that still believe in house music — like the Josh Wink's of the world — one of the forefathers of this sound.  It was great to work with someone who is able to walk a listener through to the chronological beginning of the genre and still give a solid glimpse of the future.” 

Steven, who are a few artists out there outside the dance music realm that you would love to work with? Any chance of these coming to fruition?
“Yeah, I've gotten really lucky as all the names that I've been working with are all legends with trophies for days and mostly out of the dance realm and definitely have come to fruition. Scott Storch, Jimmy Douglass, Vincent di Pasquale, ILL Factor, Lazarus are all made guys making large beats with the biggest names out there (Timbaland, Pharrell, Eminem, Dr Dre, Madonna, Missy Elliot). I've added some great vocals features as well but that’s’ classified for a bit. Stay tuned!” 

Any chance of Steven Lee and Scott Storch tour?
Scott: “Absolutely. Always interested in being able to share the stage with a talent like Steven.” 
Steven: “The Calvary World Tour is coming to a stage near you!”