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We rewind with Weiss & premiere his new track!

Weiss is set to drop his brand-new track ‘Man Gone’ on 27th July via Toolroom Records, following his hotly anticipated gig at our next DJ Mag Sessions party at EGG London.

Kicking off on Saturday 25th July at the popular London rave cave, Weiss will join Glenn Astro, Seven Davis Jr. and Heist Recordings bosses Detroit Swindle, for an evening of premium tunes and unbridled fist pumping!

Last remaining tickets here.

In the run up to our DJ Mag Sessions event, we sat down with Weiss to talk his first ever gig, favourite records and ultimate clubbing memories.  

First record you ever bought?

“Stars Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back story book and record.”

First two tunes you ever tried to mix?

“Faithless ‘Insomnia’ out of Billabong ‘House Forever’.”

First-ever gig?

“The Chunnel Club in London when I was 16.” 

Fondest club experience?

“Going to Strictly Rhythm at Ministry Of Sound for the first time when I was 18, great memories!” 

Most mental club experience?

“A transvestite trying to chat me up in Ibiza at El Divino.”

Most significant club of all-time?

“I would have to say Ministry Of Sound in London, 24-years-old and still going strong. Lots of great memories there from nights like Subliminal, Defected and Strictly Rhythm.”

Any era, anywhere?

“In New York in the ‘70s with Studio 54.”