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Meet Brazil's leading lights

Carlo Dal Anese and Diego Logic are the Brazilian duo from Sao Paulo who are making massive waves in their home country. We caught up with the affable duo behind ‘that’ XX Remix, to find out why Brazil is one of the most exciting places to be a dance music fan right now.

Hi guys, thanks for speaking to DJ Mag. For those who aren’t familiar with your work - please introduce yourself - who are you and where are you from?
“My name is Carlo Dall Anese, I am a Brazilian DJ and Producer who together with my partner and best friend Diego Logic are now on a mission to get Brazilian DJs the global exposure they deserve! I’ve been DJing worldwide for 25 Years and have some big tunes that had some great exposure in Brazil and all over the world. Our tracks are supported by the likes of David Guetta, Steve Angello, Pete Tong and many others. I have been voted as Brazil’s No.1 DJ, Producer and also Best Live Act. I have been working lots with Diego Logic, who is a very talented and experienced DJ and producer. Together, we are making some great music!”

Wow! Quite an intro! And where in the world are you right now?
“I am now at my studio in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo, Brazil and Diego is at our studio in São Paulo city. We just returned from a 4 gig tour in three days, from North to South Brazil, so 4 hours flight plus three hour by car. We are exhausted but really happy! Brazil is a very big country and have a great scene wherever you go!”

Why do you think Brazil is such a hot place for dance music and clubs right now?
"There are many really serious people here. Many serious clubs and many serious DJs and Producers. People within the scene have so much focus and love for the art of music. Although electronic music is still not the main musical style here, the scene is huge and the crowd, people and clubs are amazing. I also think that there is a mix of styles that inspire Brazilian producers to make some really unique music. My track ‘Monday’ for example, is more indie than electronic and is but it was still a massive worldwide hit for me.

Over the summer all eyes were on Brazil, during the World Cup. Did the clubbing scene see a lift from this attention?
“Yes, in a way. But everybody was expecting more from the World Cup. It was not so big and did not bring too much for the clubbing scene. Also, nobody was expecting Brazil one and Germany seven! [laughs]”

Ok, so which are your favourite places to DJ in Brazil?
“Sao Paulo State has some of the best venues including Anzu, Sirena, D-Edge, Sky Room, all of which are ranked in your Top 100 Clubs poll. They are all amazing places with amazing crowds! During the summer the south of the country is great; Florianópolis, Balneário Camboriú and many other cities in this region are amazing. What is great is that even in the places that are not as well known like Para, Amazonas and Mato Grosso, there is a great scene also. It is all over Brazil and not only São Paulo and Santa Catarina State.”

How about if you are not DJing. Where do you like to go to party?
“To be honest…me and Diego, we don’t know what is to have a Friday or Saturday free. We have not had one in decades! [laughs]. What is excellent of course. When I can, I really like to hear DJs like Gui Boratto, Mau Mau and some hip hop masters here.”

You have quite a varied role, running a DJ agency in addition to producing, DJing and even playing bass. How do you fit everything in?
“There is nothing better than doing what we like and than the energy comes from everywhere. A healthy life is a obvious secret but we also try to manage our lives whit a lot of sport and exercise. And we try to do more! Me and Diego are involved on some other video projects, schools and tutorials for the next generation. We truly believe that is part of our responsibility to tell people how to DJ and produce properly and to make the scene really to grow up. Many people here fight for their careers like everybody is enemy. We don’t think like this. For us, the more people who are getting into this music, the better! We really care about the education of the scene. Diego runs a DJ school that puts like 150 new DJs on the market every month!”

Wow busy times! Tell us about your studio work then - what do you have coming up?
“There is a track named ‘Moonlight’ that we made with Mark Ursa. This is not relased yet, but it is already a massive tune here in Brazil. It is more Indie but has a great melody and lovely vibe. Also, the track ‘Oh Fu…’ will be released in October - this will be a bomb! These two tracks are part of our new album named ”GLASGO“ with the musician Gui Kikuchi that will be released at the beginning of 2015.”

Brazilian clubs are now ever present in the Top 100 Clubs poll but there has not been the same domination of Top 100 DJs. Why do you think this is, and are you aiming to change this in this year’s poll?
“Brazil have a culture that what comes from outside, is much better that what is domestic. So for a DJ to be recognised in Brazil they must play and be recognised first outside Brazil and so people will say ‘If he plays outside is because he is good!’ There is a lack of love for what is Brazil and what comes from Brazil. The big names come to play in Brazil and tell the world that our clubs are amazing, and then Brazilian people vote on the clubs they speak about! Our main focus on this campaign is tell Brazilian people top vote on Brazilian DJs. We have great DJs here and I truly don’t understand why Brazilian people, when they vote in the Top 100 DJs, they vote for an international one that they have never heard live instead of voting on Brazilian heroes that make them happy every weekend at the clubs.”

Thanks Carlo. Is there anything else you want to add - or a message for your fans out there or the DJ Mag audience?
“Vote for Brazil! And then come here to party with us! You will see things and will have fun like never before! [laughs]”