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We chat to Darius Syrossian exclusively about his Do Not Sleep residency at Privilege's Vista (and the rest) this summer...

Anyone with half an eye on house music and a Facebook account saw that Tribal Sessions/Sankeys were severing ties with Darius Syrossian last month. We made the announcement and it caused a shit-storm of hype and speculation surrounding his next move, which led to pals Santé and Sidney Charles pledging their allegiance by announcing that they too were leaving their residencies at the club.

Next, we heard that after their Road To Ibiza tour (stopping at various UK/European venues between April and May), the three of them would be teaming up for DO NOT SLEEP, a new Ibiza residency launching in the spacious back room of PRIVILEGE on Sunday 14th July. They also play at SPACE OPENING FIESTA as a one-off on Sunday 31st May.

Running weekly, the trio will rock the newly-installed NASA-engineered Pure Groove soundsystem alongside specially selected guests (TBA) throughout the summer. Speaking with Darius, while in the midst of his tour, we got up to speed...

How's the Road To Ibiza tour going?
Some of the shows, Edinburgh, Bristol, Leeds, have been insane, the Manchester show I will never forget as long as I live. We only had days to promote the new party at South club, it sold out! On arrival Sidney said, 'Darius look around the corner'.

I looked to see a monster queue that stretched all the way back and around the block. Inside the atmosphere was next level. The European shows have been ace too. Amsterdam was off the hook! We arrive into Ibiza after the tour in time to play Space Ibiza Opening.”


It felt as if Tribal Sessions was your baby. And Sankeys was also very close to you. Separating from them cannot be easy?
Everyone knows how hard I worked for that party. I put my heart and soul into it. I was asked by Sankeys to come onboard and front Tribal Sessions for them, help bring it back. I worked tirelessly — behind the scenes as well as the decks — but I always knew because it wasn't my party, it's only natural that one day, once it was re-established, I wouldn't be needed anymore.

I'm very proud, though, of all the work I put in for any shows I've ever played at Sankeys. I wish them the best. They'll have an awesome summer, The Tribal Sessions brand is really re-established now. It's nice to see something I helped bring back doing great. No matter what Sankeys said about me, I'll always have a fondness for the place.

“But for me and the boys now, it's time for a fresh challenge. With Sidney Charles and Santé, it feels like a proper real family spinning together.”

That must feel good...
There is nothing better than doing what you love with friends. These guys are really genuine people, like really genuine! I couldn't wish for more honest, decent guys to work with. When they told me they are leaving I said, 'What, are you crazy? you have full residencies there over the summer!'

I'll never forget the loyalty they have shown. I persuaded them to at least not cancel the Eastern Electrics festival, where they play the Sankeys stage, but, as they said, they leave a great club and crowd with a heavy heart, but they have put friendship over everything and I genuinely love them like they are my own brothers.”

Fill us in with what you guys have planned for the summer. Why Vista?
We decided this summer means one for all and all for one! Let's do it all together. The Do Not Sleep party at Vista is gonna see us spinning as a crew. Why Vista? If you actually look at the space it is unreal! At dawn the sun rises and you get a full Ibiza experience.

The new soundsystem is kick-ass also. There is a saying I really believe in: it is not where you are, it's about who you are with. We can recreate our vibe anywhere so long as the right people are there.”

Are you looking forward to Space?
Yes. who wouldn't look forward to playing the Terrace at Space opening? We also have a few Kehakuma shows there too.”

How is the island changing in your eyes? Is Ibiza as strong as it used to be?
Life is too short to compare things, the secret is to focus always on positive things and not negatives. There is lots of amazing things about Ibiza that will always draw me back here!”