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Meet the Next Generation DJ Competition winners!

Our Next Generation DJ Competition, in association with Mixcloud, is all about putting DJ competitions back on the map. Each week we showcase an up and coming DJ’s mix on our Facebook page, exposing them to almost 2 million Facebook fans from across the globe! We want to provide opportunities for the next generation of artists to be recognised.

Since launching the comp 12 months ago we have showcased over 50 mixes picked weekly from hundreds of submissions. We can now announce our Mix of 2014 - a sublime selection of house and techno from Highflesh! We caught up with the duo - who formed in East London but are now based in Brazil - for a congratulatory chat!

How does it feel to have won this competition?
“It feels great since it was our first time participating in a DJ competition.”

Was it your first entry to the comp?
“Yes it was our first entry to the competition, and we actually got in by chance.”

Tell us about the mix - how was it put together?
“The whole thing came very natural, we just wanted to play the tunes we were into at that moment, and to create a nice atmosphere with them. Listening to our mixtape you’ll soon realise that we were focusing on the dancefloor.”

How long have you been DJing?
“Our first gig was in the infamous Berlin club Loftus Hall in 2012.”

Are you playing in clubs?
“We had a one-year residency in London’s Cafe 1001 in 2013 but since we relocated to Brazil last year we’re searching for opportunities in venues suitable for our sound.”

What is your greatest achievement as a DJ?
“For us seeing at people’s face their enjoyment, having a smile, the connection that the music brings to the crowd and the energy of it. This feeling is truly indescribable and therefore our biggest achievement, you feel like ‘man we’ve done something right’.”

What is next for Highflesh?
“We’ve been working on a few edits at the moment, and continue to release monthly mixtapes. Also we’re trying to establish our name here in Brazil, so hopefully you will see us playing some gigs soon!”

Listen to their entry here:


Berliner Nights by Highflesh on Mixcloud

And check out their social media channels below.

https:/www.facebook.com/highflesh.official https://twitter.com/Highflesh https://soundcloud.com/highflesh https://www.mixcloud.com/highflesh http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/highflesh Instagram: highflesh