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Showtek turn a Punta Del Este mansion into a headline party

Despite forecasts of rain, we are welcomed to the Cosmopolitan city of Punta Del Este with blue skies. As a key Latin American tourist centre, Punta has all the elements for the perfect vacation – beach, parties and fun, but with a glamorous touch that makes it truly unique! 

We are here for Luminocity, one the most exclusive events of the Latin summer. The annual event thrown in Punta Del Este by Miller Genuine Draft - is always held at top secret locations, with a surprise headline guest DJ. So as we board the arranged bus to the party, we have no idea where we will end up or what kind of music we will be listening to.

As the bus pulls out of the hotel, the excitement on board is palpable! We glide through the Punta streets and continue out of the city, through a winding road with enough twists and turns to keep our attention.

We arrive at the venue - a stunning mansion house. The mansion is surrounded by gardens illuminated with golden shades. Beautiful people surround the house and soon find their way to the gardens, where a festival-grade stage has been set up! Although it is high-tech, it somehow perfectly blends into the lavish surroundings. We feel like we were imagining our ideal house party!

Hanging from the arm of a crane is a massive disco ball, the Millers are ice-cold and the soundtrack is a slick mix of deep house which is already exciting the dancefloor! We swing by one of the massive bowls of ice that are cooling the beers and collect a drink before moving to the floor ourselves...

As we approach 2am the dancefloor is packed and the central screen starts a countdown that ends, with the arrival of the surprise DJ. But, in this case, there’s not a surprise DJ, there are two surprise DJs. Is Dutch brotherly duo Showtek! 

Instantly, people raise their cellphones and the tension begins. With the mic, one of the brothers greets the crowd and demands that we raise our hands in the air, as they drop the Showtek remix of ‘Space Jungle’. "We are Showtek and we come from Netherlands”, he says, to wild applause from the floor! And now the party really begins!

Fully aware that the party is intimate and exclusive, Showtek embark on a journey of a set that includes ‘Bad’ their collab with David Guetta alongside their own ‘We Like To Party’ and other high-energy cuts that win the hearts of the party people on the floor! 

After an epic two hours, Showtek pass the reigns to Paraguayan talent and Miller SoundClash finalist Guille Preda, who masterfully with a slick set that is perfect for the surroundings.

Everyone is having fun and the Millers are illuminated high in the sky. It is a beautiful image and we realise that is our time to do the same. Because it’s Miller Time! And it’s fun...

Words: Hernan Pandelo